What Color is Love?
Photo by Abby Ross
Model :  Jodie Smith
Stylist:  Meghan Sebold

i took this in the science museum, i haven’t edited the photo at all, the blue stained glass caused the camera to pick up the photo like this

oncewheniwas:  color.color.color.

What you can see here is a resin cast of pancreatic blood vessels. The fine network of smaller vessels that branches off from the main vessels infiltrates the tissue, supplying it with blood. Gases and nutrients are exchanged between the blood and surrounding tissues through the permeable walls of capillaries, the smallest blood vessels. The pancreas produces the hormones insulin and glucagon, which regulate blood glucose levels. It also secretes digestive enzymes. The cast was made by injecting resin into the blood vessels, followed by chemical digestion of surrounding tissues. Even on this microscopic image with 30x magnification, the network of blood vessels is sheer endless, our body is a miracle of architectural compactness 
Image by Susumu Nishinaga
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Septic spleen.